Best Top Of Stairs Walk Through Baby Safety Gates Reviews

In a crazy house with both children and pets, doorway gates are an invaluable resource. The market is saturated with different types, sizes, and styles of these gates. Each gate comes with different features and functions that may lend one to working better in your household than others! Reading an overview of a few models of doorway gates can let you make a more informed purchase.

Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

The Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door is constructed of all steel with a white finish. This is a 30-inch tall gate covers openings between 29 and 44 inches wide and also has a 10 by 7 inch smaller opening on the bottom of the gate. It has an easy one touch opening release, and provides easy pressure mount installation. This gate is ideal for homes that have a combination of both small and large animals. The solid construction and mounting system allow large animals to be contained, while the small door still allows smaller animals to pass through freely.

Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Gate

The Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal Gate is a great option for the style-orientated family. This gate measures 32-inches tall and fits openings between 36 and 60 inches wide. A beautiful dark oak and slate metal finish blends well with any décor. Secure pressure-mounted installation, one-handed operation and a wide door that swings in both directions provides a great level of functionality as well.

Munchkin Extending Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate

The Munchkin Extending Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate is a 6 inches taller than standard gates. It fits openings from 33.5 inches up to 56 inches, which helps it accommodate wider spaces. This gate is designed with a tilt hinge mechanism that minimized strain placed on the wall. This mechanism also allows for easy removal of the entire gate when you have company, and allows the gate to swing in both directions. It’s constructed of strong steel and has a white finish.

North States Industries Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate

The North States Industries Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate is a self-closing gate that swings in both directions. A 29-inch tall metal gate with a white finish fits openings between 28 and 31.5 inches wide. Included extensions can expand this gate up to 38.5 inches wide. A great feature of this gate is no assembly is required. Extending tension knobs securely hold the gate in place, while a triple locking system can still be accessed with one hand.

Dreambaby Auto Close Security Gate with Extensions

The Dream Baby Swing Close Security Gate is a 29-inch tall pressure mounted gate that includes mounting hardware cups for secure installation approved for use at the top of stairs. It fits openings between 28 and 32 inches. It comes with extensions that allow for use in openings as wide as 39 inches. With easy one-handed operation, this gate opens in both directions and automatically swings closed. This metal gate is offered in black and white finishes.

Researching the difference between gates lets you decide which one will fit best with your family to accommodate you in your home!

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