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Best Newborn Cloth Diaper Covers Reviews 2014-2015

Cloth diapering is an economical solution that many parents have turned to in recent years. A number of systems are available for you to choose from. You’re no longer stuck with the simple flat cloth diapers that our ancestors were. Now you can chose from a variety of fabric, prints and designs in order to get the best fit for your baby.

A versatile, frugal set-up is that of pre-folds and cloth diaper covers. These covers are often waterproof and don’t require to be switched out with every change, so the same cover can be used for much of the day. Here are our top five cloth diaper covers for you to consider.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap

Thirsties Duo Wrap SnapThis cloth diaper cover comes in two sizes, instead of three or more like many other brands. A large variety of adorable colors and prints are available to chose from, even in gender neutral colors. These are waterproof and have inner gussets to help keep messes inside the diaper, where they belong.

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell-Snap

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell-SnapThese innovative cloth diaper covers are meant to be paired with the Best Bottom inserts, which simply snap into place for a quick and easy diapering solution. With a double layer of PUL, this is a trim-fitting, leak-proof diaper system.

Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover

Buttons Cloth Diaper CoverThis is a one-size cloth diaper at a very reasonable price for you thrifty mamas. Similar to the Best Bottom covers, these also have special made, luxuriously soft inserts ready to be snapped straight in. With double gussets, you’ll never have to worry about a blow-out.

Blueberry Coveralls Diaper Cover

Blueberry Coveralls Diaper CoverThese are a favorite of many cloth diapering families. Another one-size solution. Blueberry coveralls can be used with any flat, prefold or fitted diaper that you see fit. Designed to fit babies of all shapes. these covers come in a variety of cute prints, like dinosaurs.

Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover Snap

Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover SnapThese diaper covers come in both one-size and newborn options, making them very versatile. Double gussets protect you from messes and a four tier sizing structure ensures that these covers will fit a wide array of sizes, from birth to potty.

Choosing a cloth diaper system that is appropriate for your family takes time and research. Try a few of each brand before deciding on the one, and you’ll soon discover how easy cloth diapering can be.