Best Baby Crib Soother Reviews

Calm an irritable baby with a crib soother. A restless infant is not easy to pacify. Parents can walk the floor, sing soothing songs or rock babies for long periods and still get negative results. One solution to calm your infant is the best crib soother. Any parent can appreciate any of the best baby crib soothers.

Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Calming Vibrations Soother

Users of this product have found that it puts their baby right to sleep or at the very least is a comfortable toy. Note that it may require batteries frequently, depending on how frequently you use it. It’s soothing, plays music and gently vibrates. You can’t select vibrate only or music only and it has no volume control. Conveniently, the electric component can be removed for washing.


Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother

This soother features a glowing, peaceful waterfall that attaches to the side of the crib. It doesn’t have leakage problems over time. Some have used this to transition a baby to sleeping alone in their crib. It’s a great piece for self-entertainment in the crib. You can easily control the volume of the crystal clear music it plays. You can choose between many different configurations; motion and sound, motion and light. Also, choose between classical music, rainforest sounds, and lullabies.


SwaddleMe Slumber Buddies Soother

SwaddleMe Slumber Buddies Soother, Grey Elephant

This plush soother is made to resemble an elephant. It truly is a good slumber buddy because the starry sky light show from the elephant’s back can be seen best in the dark. It’s a gender neutral soother that’s appropriate for girl or boy. It plays five sweet and pleasant songs and has volume control. Some users carry it in the car for entertainment and in the bedroom for bedtime. Many mothers have found it necessary for their nighttime routine.


Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother, Laura The Lamb

This is the lamb version of the aforementioned Slumber Buddy. It’s cuddly and produces the same light show and the same five song. The soother comes in color variations of pink, purple, and white, so it may be better for a girl. It’s great at setting the mood for sleep with several sounds to choose from. This is another go-to item for transitioning the baby into the crib.


Fisher-Price Calming Seas Projection Soother

This soother is portable and you can sit it down anywhere. It plays beautiful, tinkling xylophone music and features gender neutral, cute little fishes. It has a nice light show that looks very nebula-like. It also has a light, white noise setting. Users have bought it for colicky babies. It’s reportedly been very resilient to being dropped on hardwood flooring. Note that it doesn’t light up the fishes and project lights onto the ceiling simultaneously. Overall, this is a great pick for newborns and toddlers


Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother

It features colorful, friendly looking animals against a dark night sky. Glowing green stars fall from the sky while the toy plays lullabies. It’s made of smooth, hard plastic and attaches to the crib. Many parents have found it to be very soothing and an aid in helping their baby turn both ways during sleep at night, preventing flatness on one side of the head. However, the downside is that some have found the motor on this to be a little too noisy.


SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Baby Soother | White Noise Machine Maker


SoundBub White Noise Machine & Bluetooth Speaker, Portable, Rechargeable, Chew-Safe, On-The-Go Infant Shusher, Sensory Sleep-Aid Sound Soother, Baby & Registry Gift by WavHello – Ollie The Owl, Gray


Unlike the other products, this doubles as a soother and a bluetooth speaker. The plush owl white noise maker has a ring that easily attaches to the crib. The ring allows the white noise maker to attach to nearly anything, including car seats and strollers. It comes in three different versions; a rabbit, an owl, and a bear. Some users like that it doesn’t have many buttons and it’s portable. The soother has two white noise options. The light has been found to be less than satisfactory as some users feel that the light may be too bright. This is a pretty easy to use soother that’s great for traveling or listening to music while walking with the baby.


Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Giraffe

Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Giraffe

This plush toy giraffe soother starts at a louder setting and slowly gets quiet. Note that it has no volume switch. The electronic components can be removed so it can be washed. It’s sturdy and can endure many washings. It’s easy to put the music box back inside afterwards. It’s small and fits nicely in a baby’s arms. It glows about five minutes at a time. Users have found that this battery powered soother puts their baby or toddler right to sleep.


Fisher-price Tote ‘n Glow Soother

The Fisher Price Soother Elephant is a hard, durable white elephant with a handle. It’s a soother designed to be carried or hung on a door handle. Some users think it’s a little heavy for a baby but a great soother. It plays charming, classical music and the lights are dim. It’s easy to travel with- you can let the music play for 30 minutes and the lights stay on for five minutes. This little soothe has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

Fisher Price has created another hard soother made to attach to the crib. It features two glittery fish; mom and baby fish in seaweed and coral. It plays music for 18 minutes. You can choose from five songs and three sound effects. The lights are soft and amber colored. It comes with a remote that functions well, allowing you to control the soother from a distance. It also gives you the ability to turn off motion, lights or music as you wish.


Every parent wants to give their child the best in relaxation and learning. These soothers allow the baby to fall asleep to pleasant sounds and they assist in learning. The top sleepy time character is the “Snuggapuppy”. Give your baby a great sleepy time experience while giving yourself a break. Join the millions of parents using this convenient way to help little ones drift off to sleep at naptime.

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