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Best Baby Bathtub Toys On Amazon Reviews

Baby bath toys are nearly as important as the soap you choose to use. Bath time for baby can be a lot of fun for your little one and adding a toy or two can make it easier on both of you. If your little one is busy with a bath toy, they are less likely to fuss over anything you need to do to get them clean. Here are 10 of Amazon’s best in bath toys and all were chosen on the basis of consumer ratings as well as their educational value.

1. Large Educational Water Squirties Ocean Animals. 6-Pack. Bath Organizer with 2 pairs of Suction Cups With Hooks Included. Fun Bathtub Mildew Resistant Floating Squirter Toys for Baby, Toddlers, Kids.

MarasboxThese bath toys aren’t just fun for the baby, they are also educational. The perfect size for little hands, these adorable squeaky toys can be used to teach your child about ocean life while they are busy splashing and getting clean. Made of soft rubber, they squirt water from their mouths and blow bubbles underwater. Made from non-toxic material, they are safe, entertaining toys your child will enjoy playing with in the bath or pool.


2. BABY LOOVI Educational Bath Toys for Toddlers- One of the Biggest Foam Baby BathTub Toys – Foam Alphabet Letters and Animals(26 Puzzles-52 items)-Safe and Colorful Premium ABC Foam Letters for Kids

LOOVIThe perfect bath toys are ones that entertain as much as they teach. These foam letters are big yet don’t weigh much and they are colorful. When they are wet, stick them to the wall and your little one learns by putting the right letter into the correct animal. A for alligator, B for bear, etc. Even children that usually don’t care much for water start looking forward to bath time when they know it’s going to be fun.


3. Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

GreenToysBoys or girls, all babies seem to enjoy toys that float the most, especially when it comes to bath time. This little Ferry Boat with its mini cars has fun potential written all over it whether its floating in the tub, pool, or anywhere else water will be. Made from 100% recycled plastic, its earth friendly, safe and very easy to clean because it’s also dishwasher proof.


4. Ubbi Bath Toys for Toddlers and Baby Squeeze Toy: Squirting Bath Toys + Water Toys for Toddlers with Interchangeable Tops and Bottoms for Bath Time, Bathtub, and Playtime 4 Count – Squeeze N Squirt

UbbiYou may want to have a camera handy when your baby bathes with these bath toys. Their bright colors and mix-n-match capability are an endless source of fun in the tub, at the beach, or in the pool. Small children can easily twist them apart and make their own combination of different colors. This is an invaluable way to help children learn hand-eye coordination while it exercises their imagination.


5. aGreatLife My First Stacking Cups: Best Educational Bath Toy for Babies and Toddlers – Fun and Brightly Colored Under the Sea Animals

aGreatLifeStacking bath toys are going to be a hit with any little one in the water. They stack and pull apart easily. While your baby is busy doing that, he/she is also busy perfecting their fine motor skills as well as learning about shapes, sizes and colors while they play. Made of durable, non-toxic materials, these cute little stackers are guaranteed safe and easy to keep clean.


6. Playmaker Toys Turtle Family Bath Sets(set of 4) – Floating Bath Tub Toy

PlaymakerThese adorable little turtles are the perfect bath toys. Mama turtle and her three babies float around the tub and all four together only weigh 5.6 ounces which makes them easy for baby to lift and play with. The toxin free material they are made of is no problem to clean and their shape makes them easy for little fingers to grip. Not all children enjoy the water and having bath toys like this handy at bath time provides the perfect distraction.


7. Munchkin Lazy Buoys Bathtub Toys

MunchkinThis set of Munchkin bath toys is really a 5 in 1 deal and one that babies will love playing with. They float, nest together, spin, pour, scoop and strain. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun. Toys like this interactive set of characters help little ones develop their tactile senses so they have as much educational value as they do for entertainment.


8. The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys, Finding Nemo

TheFirstYearsThere is something about toys that squirt kids just love. These colorful bath toys get a little ones attention because they are visually appealing, and when you show them how to squirt water out of them, the fun is on! The perfect size for small hands, these Disney themed characters are a safe, entertaining way to keep baby distracted with fun while you get on with the job of getting them cleaned up.


9. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

NubyNow here is a toy you could say was a multi-tasker. Nuby Octopus comes with three rings to toss onto the tentacles and is great for helping baby develop hand-eye coordination. Cheerful colors and interesting shapes make Nuby a fun way to develop your little ones senses. All pieces float so just toss it in the tub or pool and let the splashing begin!


10. Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train

Munchkin1What’s more fun than a boat that floats in the tub? Six boats is the answer and your baby will love chasing this colorful set around the tub. They can be linked together to form a “boat train” or just let them float around separately. They have numbers for counting games and learning to link them together helps develop important motor skills. These bath toys are lightweight and easy for little fingers to hang onto, plus they have no paint anywhere on them so they are safe even when chewed on.


You don’t have to have bath toys when it’s time to bathe a child but they certainly do help. It’s hard to know what a baby will like until you place it before them but from the 10 in this list you are sure to find something. If deciding on which you think your child will like best is difficult, following are two of the most popular.

#2, BABY LOOVI is certainly educational, and sticking things to the wall is something most kids enjoy. However, little ones also enjoy throwing things and will love #9, Nuby Octopus with its option of throwing rings at the tentacles trying to “ring” them. It might be a good idea just to get both, that way you are sure to come up with a winner.